About me

Hello there

Skriv noget mere personligt her.

I am a de-armouring practitioner with in-depth training in yogic embodiment, awareness and energy work, sexual yoga and years of personal spiritual development practices.

He uses his presence, wisdom and intuition, guided by a heartfelt sensitivity, to feel into what is going on inside the body and mind of another being. This makes him able to feel where the armour is and to energetically initiate a release in a safe and held space.

He has studied with a wide spectrum of teachers, including Adya Shanti, Eli Buren, David Deida, Pema Salem, Dean Matuka and Susanne Roursgaard.

Educations and Courses

- Advanced Dearmouring Arts Online Tutorial with De’an Matuka (2021)
- The Superior Lover - Advanced Lovemaking for Men with David Deida (2021)
- Sexual Healing & De-Armouring with Susanne Roursgaard (2021)
- Tao-Tantra Massage with Trine Tao (2021)
- The Way of the Superior Man Online Training with David Deida (2021)
- 3‑Month Sadhana Retreat at Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in Sweden (2013)